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Guide for Renting a Photo Booth – What’s the Cost?

To rent or not to rent – that is the question. For most people cost is probably the most deciding factor in the decision making process. Photo booths are a blast but how much is this going to set me back? The fact is prices can range from $100/hour – $250/hour depending on who you decide to go with. Why the big difference you may be asking? The answer is mainly based the quality of the booth and equipment and what is included with the rental. Many companies offer complete packages which include virtually everything, where other companies have lower hourly rates but charge extra for add-on items. In most cases the old adage you get what you pay for holds true here. Two important questions to ask any company competing for your business is how long have they been in business (hopefully they are licensed & insured) and exactly what is included in their offering. Lastly be sure to ask is they are running any specials or are willing to provide any incentives to earn your business. Become a savvy photo booth shopper, if you don’t ask they may not bring it up!! Next post soon!